It's A Two-Fer': event reminder times wrong, now can't get into Scoutbook

Council submitted a ticket on my behalf on the first issue…back in September. We have both a Girl and Boy Troop, and when I set up reminders that include the Girl troop, it sends a separate email, with a time that’s 1 hour early. Our Girl troop unit PIN is “Being Managed at the council level”, per, and I’m guessing it’s been set to Irving, TX time zone. Reminders have caused so much confusion that I’ve had to give up using them, which is a shame. Apparently, this ticket is going nowhere.
Issue #2 is the “We were not able to log you in” error (which does “fix” issue #1, in an ugly sort of way). Have tried everything (cache, cookies, password reset) short of reinstalling my browser (Firefox), with no luck. Saw old threads on this; any current discussion or fixes?.

Assuming you can get your Scoutbook login fixed, unit admins can now set their time zone from:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Edit Unit

and set your timezone accordingly.


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