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Scout Book Calendar Reminders Issue/Bug is sending out 2 hour behind

Calendar has correct time zone and times of events. The reminders sent out show 2 hours ahead of actual time for the event. The time zone is wrong. There is no place to change this in either the event itself or the reminders added. Please help


Hi, @SarahSpradlin,

The only way to correct the time zone for a unit is to contact scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Please provide then with the council, unit number, whether it’s a boys, girls or family unit (in case there are multiples with the same unit number), the correct time zone for your unit, and a description of the problems, including when it started and a few examples of which events it’s happening for and which it’s not, if any. It would be ideal if you could also forward one of the “erroneous” email announcements to them with the full headers.

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