Any Fix to the Event Time Zone Bug?

We’ve only recently started using Scoutbook and it has been awful. The latest problem is having scouts show up at a meeting an hour early because instead of notifications having the time we entered, they go out with times adjusted to central timezone.

I searched and it seems this is a known bug that hasn’t been fixed. Is there any workaround until this is corrected?

It looks like we’re having the same issue. My scoutmaster just texted me asking if I know how to change the time zone because the email reminders are incorrect. When we look at the event in Scoutbook the times are correct. When she looked up the issue, the help info said to make sure the time zone is correct for the unit but everything looks correct to me.

I’ve seen some issues where the reminder emails are sent in Central Time. I’ve asked her to confirm that this is what she is seeing. Any help is appreciated.


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Current work-around is to put the time into the body of the reminder message. This is klunky, as the message header will still be wrong. But with a little training, folks learn where to check for the meeting time.

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@BradleyPade @KatherineLewandowski I’ve sent each of you a DM to gather some info. Look for the indicator on your avatar.

We have this issue as well. I have not been able to find the timezone in Scoutbook. Where is the timezone set?

It’s set behind the scenes. Do your reminder emails list the TZ after the times?

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