I've had a support ticket open for almost a week and I have yet to see any momentum

I’ve had jira support ticket open since Saturday (SSD-77955) and it has not been addressed.

When can I expect a reply and/or fix?

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@JDecker - what is the nature of this ticket issue?

Merging two leaders in Scoutbook.

Member Care for Scoutbook is backed up due to simultaneous family emergencies with multiple staff members.

I like the staff there and I am sorry for their emergencies, I am the caretaker for two elderly parents in my own life as well so I get it, honest. My dad is 91 and I was there at 3:45 am when he fell in the bathroom so I also admit up front that I am tired and cranky today. But I also think that the powers-that-be need to plan better for support in this area when there are emergencies. If I can’t be in the office, there is a plan B, and C in place here for how the work gets done. Is no one responsible for doing that there? And it’s Join time, more support should have been anticipated just by virtue of the fact that Councils are adding thousands of new Scouts and leaders all across the country… OF COURSE there were going to be issues. And as the person in the Council who takes those calls, and is ALSO responsible for entering our new Scouts and leaders, I just need SB to work and for the Leadership in the support area to step up. I know the folks reading this here can’t do a thing about it and I’m just venting but it’s been a frustrating week with SB calls and people complaining about not getting answers… maybe the feedback can be passed along, And I have no problem attaching my name to it. Nothing I haven’t said before… and they really need a phone number for people to call, or start supporting it through the Help Desk.

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