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No action on tickets

I sent in to help requests via email, have ticket numbers and signed in to see activity on them and nothing. It states that you will be contacted within 2 business days and I sent the first one in last Thursday. I wanted to show someone the file as I felt this was a one-off and maybe not best helped in a forum arena but I’ve given up. I hope to get some answers here but as soon as Dashboard comes up I will be hand importing 2661 records. Not happy with support. Broken?

There have been abnormal delays with the help desk tickets due to unexpected staff absences.

An automated reply of such would have been better than waiting by the phone (I requested a quick resolution via a phone call if possible, due to an imminent COH). I would have started data entry sooner. I’m actually OK with “sorry, due to unexpected issues tickets are taking longer to resolve than usual”. Radio silence is beyond frustrating.

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I see your ticket, I will contact you

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