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Support requests lost in limbo

To any of the SUAC folks. (Probably you Ed) I have some trouble tickets that have been upgraded and seem to have gone into the black hole of support tickets. Any help greatly appreciated

|SSD-106802|roster report|One of my 18+ unit participants does not show up on the scoutbook roster report yet another one does|

|SSD-106637|missing counselor|I have a counselor who does not show up as such in a search or in his posistions page but shows MBC tools on dashboard but with wrong badges|

|SSD-106969|wrong name in email|I have a leader who has a wrong name showing up on outgoing messages in scoutbook messaging|

yeah I am tagged in at least one of yours so I get updates - think it is the MBC one - let me check

1 and 3 are escalated but that is all i can see - some Dev is watching one and I internal commented on it to try to see. 2 seems to be sitting there.

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