January 5 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Den Chief Notification E-Mail
    • An issue that caused the e-mail address instead of the login name to be included in the message sent to Troop Key 3 when a Pack adds a den chief has been fixed. The message will now include the den chief’s login ID.
  • Payment Log Search
    • An issue that prevented parents of current members from appearing in the Payment Log Search results has been fixed.

New Features

  • Cell Carriers
    • GCI has been added as a carrier for Text Messages
  • E-mail Opt Out
    • Scoutbook will now require the user to confirm opting out of e-mail when the unsubscribe link is clicked in a received message.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Connections
    • Scoutbook now allows unit leaders to connect an Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) to a Scout before starting the Merit Badge (MB). The MBC’s list of MBs counseled will appear on the add connection screen and the MB will be started for the Scout if not already in progress in Scoutbook.
  • MB Counselor Search
    • MB Counselor Search now searches both the first name and nickname fields when searching for an Counselor by name.
  • Photos attached to Notes
    • Scoutbook now provides the user the option to rotate a photo that is attached to a note on ranks, awards or requirements.
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