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JSON error in Internet Advancement - AGAIN!

Trying to enter service hours for my son (I have both Advancement Chair and Parent profiles). If I’m using the site as a parent, I can’t see the history items. If I change to Advancement Chair then the History populates. Then I switch back to Parent and try to enter a Service Hour item and I get this error:

Error validating JSON. Error: - Invalid type Null, expected Integer for memberId - Missing required field ‘personGuid’ (org.mule.module.apikit.exception.BadRequestException)

Seems like we just went through this last month…

Thank you for letting us know @ChrisCatalano. Will you please provide your Member ID so that I can check why you are seeing this?

Hello Michaela,

It’s 128313362

Thank You,

@ChrisCatalano - I just tried to replicate and am not getting this error. Are you receiving this once you click “Create Activity”? If so, will you please try again?

Hello Michaela,

I was getting this error after I entered all of the details for the activity. I looked at the JSON error again and I noticed that it referenced MemberID. Then I looked more closely and usually when you’re entering the activities the right side of the window shows the name of the scout you’re working on. In this case it just showed ‘1 of 1’, my son’s name wasn’t there. And that ties into the fact that the history of activities wasn’t populated either. That only showed up when I was using the system as the Advancement Chair. I then went back to the main Scoutbook page and this time I selected Internet Advancement first. Once I did that I was able to successfully enter the activity details. So it seems if you arrive at that screen by first going into Scoutbook itself and then selecting the ‘logs’ section for the scout, it will not work.


Noted here @ChrisCatalano and thank you for the additional details. We will try to recreate and identify the issue behind it.

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