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Service Project/Log Entry -

I’m trying to enter Service Hours via Internet Advancement for the first time and think I found a minor bug.

On the Enter Service Project form, you can enter 1.5 hours for the Registered Youth service, but not for Non-Registered Youth or Adults. That’s because the last two fields are defined as integer (with up/down arrows on the right, where the Registered is a text field.

I’m surprised by the discrepancy.

Hopefully the attached screenshot makes it clear?



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@StewartStryker - were you able to save the decimal value. I get a JSON error if I attempt to use a non-whole number.

Gak. That’s a significant bug. 10 people at 1.5 hours becomes either a 5 hour overcount or a 5 hour undercount if the person entering it has to truncate/round to an integer number of hours.

If they have to handle it as an integer for some obscure reason, can we at least get data entry in minutes? iI’s a lot clunkier than just letting us use a float for the duration, though.

†his is the same function as it had it servicehours.scouting.org - you had to put in whole numbers - no decimals

yes, recall it was whole hour and it was not forgiving it how things were entered.

Sounds like it’s long past time to squash that bug, then. No need to carry over artifacts of old systems that don’t have a good reason behind them. :^)

Think of all the “lost” hours when leaders trying not to overstate their unit’s service hours round down…millions of scouts and leaders… Even a difference of 0.1 hours per person per year is 100000 “missing” hours per million participants. :exploding_head:


But if the hours feed into servicehours.scouting.org website and that database is limited to whole integers, then aren’t the current developers bound by the same constraints? Yes, the entry is easier, but still have to adhere to that website/dataset rules.

I guess that’s a valid question. Are they still databased in the old system, or is the data actually hosted in the new database, and the old system is only getting a mirror or is fully obsoleted? If it’s fully obsoleted, then the format at servicehours.scouting.org issue is moot.

If the data lives at scoutbook.scouting.org (so to speak) and is “mirrored” or “exported” to servicehours.scouting.org, then it seems like hosting the data should be in the best possible format (e.g. float) and exporting/mirroring can be done through a round-off filter until servicehours.scouting.org is fully retired.

If the service logs interface at scoutbook.scouting.org is just an interface to a database actually stored at servicehours.scouting.org, and that database has hours stored as integers, then I agree that we’re stuck with it.

I am able to enter a date , and creat a service hour activities in my scoutingbut unable to add any scouts from above post it looks like there is a screen that should be able to do that, and how do you edit

I should say internet advment

@CraigVoss Are you trying to add people to a future activity?

You might find it easier to create activities from the Roster page:

  1. Roster with Troop Roster tab selected.
  2. There is a filter on the right side of the screen where you can (Show Youth, Youth 18+, and / or Adults)
  3. Select the people you want to include in the activity.
  4. Click Record Progress
  5. Select Service Hours / Campouts / Hike
  6. Select the date
  7. Create the new activity

As I recall, it’s limited to whole hours for the total number for the unit, not per person. Many times, I entered 10 people and 5 or less hours total. I’d get a warning sometimes that it was less than a half-hour per person, but it let me do it.

Thanks, finally got it furgered out at least for the girls, now for the boys as soon as I get together with that scoutmaster hopefully we can get that straighten out( adding me and two others to be able to input) when I first saw this looks good not not show sure, was just getting other leaders using scout book more, and this isn’t going to make it easier


I got the same error.

Sorry for the delayed response.


Thanks for the thorough consideration.

As a professional programmer for 30+ years, I know making a change like that can be costly in time, scope, testing effort and possible unintended consequences. Since this doesn’t directly affect the hours credit to the youth, I guess it’s not THAT big a deal.

On that basis, I’m going to start rounding up!

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