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July 1, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Merit Badge Counselor Features
    • An issue that prevented Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Quick Entry from marking the Merit Badge or requirements Counselor Approved when the MBC is also a leader in the unit has been fixed.
  • Password and Security
    • An issue that allowed the user’s security questions to be updated without entering the current password has been fixed. The user’s password is now required when updating the security questions.
  • Purchase Orders
    • An issue that caused the wrong SKU to be indicated for several Merit Badges on the Purchase Order has been fixed.
  • Scout Membership
    • An issue that caused some Scouts to be removed from the Scoutbook roster even when they are on the unit roster in my.scouting.org has been fixed.

New Features

  • Awards
    • Scoutbook now supports the Keep America Beautiful Hometown U.S.A. Award (Scouts BSA program). Note: the award is out of stock at scoutshop.org.
  • Recognition Reports
    • The file name of the downloaded PDF will now include the unit type (Pack/Troop) and unit number.
    • The Cub Scout Recognition Report now sorts the rank badges and adventures by rank.
    • The Scouts BSA Recognition Report now has options to sort by Scout and Award name.
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