July 18, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar
    • With the change to allow users to opt out of Scoutbook e-mail, the calendar was updated to require a minimum of 2 leaders to be invited to the event. This was supposed to be 2 adults. The calendar has been updated so a minimum of 2 adults, leaders or parents/guardians, can be invited to the event.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Visibility
    • In some cases, when a Merit Badge Counselor set the visibility to a female unit (ex: Troop 1234 G), Scoutbook changed the visibility to a male unit (ex: Troop 1234 B). This has been corrected. This has been fixed. The unit entered will now remain.
  • Scoutbook Navigation
    • When a user sent an invitation to connect to a dual registered Scout from the Merit Badge Screen in Scoutbook, the user was often returned to the incorrect unit. Scoutbook will now return to the unit from which the invitation was initiated.
  • Trained Strip
    • The Trained Strip is currently inaccurate since the data is no longer held by Scoutbook. The Trained Strip has been temporarily removed from adult pages. Development is working on a fix to obtain the trained indication from my.scouting.org. Once this work is completed, the trained strip will return.
  • Training Percentages
    • When training was removed from Scoutbook, the unit/sub-unit training percentages were left on some pages by mistake. Since the data behind these percentages is no longer tracked by Scoutbook, the training percentages have been removed.

New Features

  • None