July 28, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connections
    • The adult’s position has been removed from the Scout’s Connections page as it was frequently incorrect. Connections will now show only Adult Leader, Merit Badge Counselor, Parent/Guardian or Other Family Member
  • Cub Scout Adventures
    • An issue that allowed Cub Scout Adventures to be approved and awarded without having a completion date has been fixed. Any Cub Scout Adventures in this state have had the approved and awarded flags cleared.
    • Adventure in Coins
      • An issue that caused Adventure in Coins to be marked completed prematurely has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Award
    • An issue that caused the % complete to be incorrect for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award has been fixed.
  • Merit Badge Quick Entry
    • An issue that caused Merit Badge Quick Entry to drop notes has been fixed.
  • Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused Cub Scout awards to appear on a Troop’s Needs Approval report has been fixed.

New Features

  • James West Fellowship
    • The James West Fellowship square knot can now be added to youth records. It can be found under the Scout’s Awards page. There is no ability to add the James West Fellowship square knot to an adult’s record.

Removed Features

  • Removed Adult Positions
    • Support for the obsolete Parent Coordinator and Scout Parent adult leadership positions has been removed. Any existing Parent Coordinator or Scout Parent positions have been ended. End dates can no longer be removed from Parent Coordinator or Scout Parent positions. These positions have been removed from the drop down list of positions to add.
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