Junk calendar entries have appeared in our troop calendar

Junk calendar entries have appeared in our troop calendar:


This is where the link takes you:




This is where that link takes you:


These calendar entries cannot be removed or edited by an admin. They also show up in the google calendar feed.

Where are these coming from?

How do we stop it?

How do we delete these?

maybe take a look at Audit log to see who put them in?

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In addition to @DonovanMcNeil’s suggestion, there might be be another place to look. Based on some reports that future events created in the Activity Logs are propagating into the Scoutbook calendar, I would look there if the Audit Logs don’t get you enough information. If that’s what’s wrong, why it’s happening isn’t as clear, at least not publicly. Current speculation is a feature under development that made it from the testing system into production.

Working around the issue (if this is the actual cause) consists of removing the “future” events from the Activity Logs.

Another possible cause might be that the event is listed on multiple unit calendars, and only someone who has edit access to all of those calendars can edit the event.

More examples:

Note: the locations for all of these mystery events are places in San Jose, CA where our troop is located. Are these coming from sort of council or district calendar?

Looking at Activity Logs, I see that these all match to service activities entered there.


So it is probably an individual Scout’s entries

They are all group activity entries.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a group activity
  2. Edit the activity, adding or removing one or more participants

Expected results:
Calendar is not impacted.

Actual Results:
The activity becomes associated with a “fake” calendar event.

The event cannot be edited or deleted, and it links to a future inoperable version of Scoutbook.


Delete the activity and recreate it from scratch instead of editing it. (Not really an acceptable workaround!)

Looking at the audit logs, were you able to identify who is creating the events @JoeMcKinley? If so, and they aren’t supposed to be doing so based on unit policy/practice, you probably want to coordinate with them about getting activities entered through the unit’s preferred pathway.

That said, it does seem like this is an under-development feature that’s leaked to the production server. There hasn’t been (as far as I’ve seen in the change logs) an announced new feature to have events entered in the activity logs add themselves to the Scoutbook calendar. Assuming that the events aren’t being added via some other pathway (e.g. added to multiple unit calendars), could someone ping development about the feature-leak possibility, @DonovanMcNeil?

Nothing shows up in the audit logs for these calendar events. (The creation of the activity does show up.)

The calendar entries are automatically deleted if you delete the associated activity.


So, I tried creating an event in the service logs, then editing the number of participants, and was able to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing, @JoeMcKinley. Similarly, the Audit Logs were silent about the creation of the event in the service log, the creation of the calendar event, or their subsequent deletion. At the very least, the logs should be capturing these events.

It definitely looks like a development feature leak.

@CharleyHamilton - I was going to note that this seems like the calendar module that had hit and then was backed out. The tough part of all of this is the ASP that has its reach in scoutbook and the attempt to merge into the IA stack.

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Yeah, hopefully development is able to identify what’s going on (the issue raised by @JoeMcKinley), and the separate issue of why it’s circumventing the logs. It seems like even automated processes should be hitting the logs to indicate that a change was made, when, and by whom (i.e. the username accessing IA2), although even noting a reason of “synchronization with IA2 activity logs” would be an improvement over silence.

It’s not a user entry, it’s a systemic issue as I am seeing this too. It pulls forward into Google & iPhone calendar syncs too. It is causing confusion & frustration among my new parents when they see lackluster detail & follow a dead link.
I am the only admin entering unit events in the calendar & group activities in the logs (and the only one who knows the ___ BBcode that calendar still requires to make a hyperlink).
I had an existing calendar event, and an existing group Hiking Activity entry, the time came & went. A few days past, I updated the Attendance in the calendar event & added participants to the Activity Log. That’s when this fake calendar event showed up.
Looking back now at the Activity Log entry it shows a flyout “This activity is associated with a calendar event” even though there is no means to link them from the Edit screen. I assume it refers to the fake event. Normally Activity Log entries just show “This is a group activity”.
Combing back a few months I can see a few other times that random activities show the “associated with a calendar event” message, & sure enough only those have duplicated fake events on our calendar.

I did not know about the Audit Log previously, thanks for that tip! But I must say, they are not too helpful or reliable at the moment. These entries show the start date & time of the Activity Log event in question. But the 7 Scouts listed here were not added to the Activity Log entry until a week later (there was no Audit Log entry for that action). User is ‘Unknown’, so based on the times I had assumed this was some automated action by ScoutBook flipping it to a past event, yet I was the one to add those exact scouts days later so the entries just don’t make sense ( I also added adults, which don’t appear in the Audit log).

This series of entries shows me adding a new future event, & then updating the attendance of a past existing event, yet user is ‘Unknown’ for both. While another action I did in the middle has my name correctly. Other times in the Audit logs it shows me as ‘Joshua J Joshua’, which is just odd.

I am happy to see that there is an effort underway to sync the Activity Logs & Calendar, which is long overdue, having to always enter everything twice has been a pain. However, this is not ready for prime time. I also think it should be done the other way around: the Calendar is our main source, then we should have the ability to tag or pull data from that event when adding/editing an Activity entry.

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