Keep loosing connection to my scouts

After the recharter, my husband and I figured out that we lost connection to both our two scouts. We reconnect with them and each day it gets removed.

Background - we were dual enrolled in two troops after a recent move in 2022. For 2023 we should just be chartered with the new troop/council.

SVMBC Troop 212 B
moved to Golden Empire Troop 12

We realized the boys were also given new BSA IDs
I am just a parent in the new troop, no longer a registered leader, same with my husband.

Scout 1 : 14099021
scout 2 : 14099029

Mom: 12025351
Dad: 122044137

@SaraSeipert I am looking in to this.

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@SaraSeipert You were issued a new BSA member ID number when you moved to the new council. Your issues should be fixed.

Your husband should probably also be issued a new BSA member ID number in the new council (Golden Empire).

Thank you I see the new BSA number and council when I login. I’ll check again in the morning to see if we got disconnected again. Thanks for working on the so quickly. For the future, should we have received any communication about what our new BSA numbers would be? maybe that’s just sent to Scoutmaster after we registered? We both just never received anything in the mail or email to let us know that things were switched officially. Then if we did get the new PSA numbers, how would we have updated that in SB?

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