Internet advancement/Scout Book update

Does anyone know how long it takes for our information to show back up in SB after IR?

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Amanda Barlow

It looks like both of your units’ recharters have posted.

What issue are you having?

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Having issues associating new scout and his mother to our troop - She has not been able to use mobile add to connect with her son/scout

Details below:

Hi Duane,

I did learn from E.’s former den leader that E.’s Member ID is: 9727081

However, when I go on the app and try to connect my scout per the instructions below, I enter his name (E.), birthdate (XX/XX/XXXX) and Member ID, it says no scout is found. I even tried my last name instead of his, just in case I accidentally entered it incorrectly originally.

I don’t know if there is any way for you to try to add or search on your end with this info?

This is my info if relevant at all.

13004414 BSA ID for XXXXXXXXXX, S.
USER ID 9859503

San Diego, CA XXXXX

And no worries if you don’t know. I just can’t believe how complicated this is.


I can’t see either of my children’s advancements or any of the scouts in our Pack.

Amanda Barlow


Your child with first initial Q is not current registered. His troop registration expired 1/31/22.

Your child with first initial P is registered but was removed due to a registration lapse on 5/1/22. I have asked the developers to investigate why this Scout is not currently in a unit. I’ll request a sync to try to get the membership in Scoutbook corrected. The next sync runs at 3:00 AM Central.

Thank you. I am also the cubmaster for the pack but can see no scout listed within our pack except for 2 new scouts that we received a few months ago. I can co tact council tomorrow as well.

Amanda Barlow

@DuanePhillips I am not sure exactly what the parent (S.) is trying to do, but the Scout is still registered with the pack.

The Scout’s BSA member number is 13004415.


I have passed this on to the develoeprs.

@AmandaBarlow I think this should be fixed for you now.

There is an adult leader in your pack (initials B.K.) who is registered as an adult leaders and an Adult Partner under different BSA member numbers. I would recommend working with your local council to combine the registrations under a single BSA member number number.