Key 3 delegate reports not having certain access

Received this from a Key 3 Delegate - any suggestions? See message below:

"NAME added me back as a key3 delegate last night (about 10pm). This morning I checked for both units and I have access to all the my.scouting modules I was missing yesterday – so that looks good. However, in Internet Advancement (scoutbook plus) interface, I do not have access to update/add advancement items for either unit.

I was able to add an award for a troop scout via his scoutbook awards page and once done I could see that entry in his record via the Internet Advancment screen."


Post the BSA Member ID (no names) for the individual having trouble and we will look into it.


Thanks for the help!


Have the user do a hard refresh in SB+ (SHIFT + REFRESH) or try an Incognito window to start with a clear cache.

It can also take up to 48 hours for adult positions to get to SB+

Thanks all! I will pass that on. EDIT TO ADD: This worked, thanks! User reported that it was a caching issue.

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