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Please help!

I am the long time advancement coordinator and key 3 for our troop. I have been using Scoutbook without issue for quite a while. I was yellow flagged for removal in April and my Scoutbook account has not worked correctly since. After numerous trips to my Council office, I have not been able to get my access back to our Troop. I can only access my children. I cannot run advancement reports or print merit badges or any of the admin functions. We have a large Troop with many awards due for our next Court of Honor in August. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or direction to the next level of assistance. Thank you!

@AliciaCrisp - first thing is the advancement coordinator is NOT A KEY 3. The key 3 are the Scoutmaster, Committee Chaur and Charter Organization Rep. Now onto your issue, what positions show when you log into my.scouting.org?

My suspicion is that you never registered as an adult or you have multiple BSA id numbers.

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Yes, I understand Advancement is not a Key 3. I am also the COR and Troop Admin. How do I find out if I have multiple accounts? I have been a registered leader for years. I have used SB for years with no issues. This is a screenshot of our SB Roster. The myscouting.org shows no registered positions.

I bet you have two profiles if you are COR and my.scouting shows nothing.

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This is cleaned up for you now - not sure what happened


Thank you for your help!

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