Kids in multiple patrols?

I haven’t tried this yet because I don’t want to screw up our roster if it doesn’t work. But can I assign the same kid to multiple patrols? Since there is not a way to create mailing lists for different things like OA or a Philmont trip, can I create additional patrols and assign kids to more than one to quickly be able to sort them for things that are not full troop activities?


you cannot do this in native Scoutbook - if you use the Feature Extension for Chrome or Firefox you can achieve this in messages


This is unfortunate. It seems these are obvious features and they shouldn’t be that hard to include. The extension isn’t iOS compatible.

its Chrome/firefox addin and its always easy until you have to execute a change like that.

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But these features should be built into scoutbook, not an add on. These are fairly basic database features

@CaseyMiller1 - I will defer to your database experience.

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Features that are in the extension are in the development backlog. We do not know if or when the BSA will schedule them for implementation. For now, we are fortunate to have a volunteer willing to create and support the extension.


If scoutbook was only a couple years old, I would find that excuse for these basic features to be acceptable.

The BSA is not Microsoft or Apple with huge development budgets. The BSA has multiple programs that require the limited development resources including some time critical projects including retiring ScoutNet.

This, coupled with the bankruptcy restrictions cause development to be slower than most folks would prefer. There are updates released weekly that both fix bugs and add new features. With the large user base of Scoutbook, not everyone’s priorities can be fulfilled quickly, but the developers are working through the backlog.


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