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Use "Patrols" like a Group - Be in 2+ of them?

Looking to see if there is a way to assign a Scout to 2 “patrols” within the same Troop in Scoutbook…would be super helpful to be able to create other “Patrols” such a group of scouts working on Ad Altare Dei all year or the PLC for that term… add meetings to calendar, invite only them and get rsvps, etc. Same with our FCE group who progress through the ranks but some are ready to move on to a Patrol while some will be in a new Patrol but still need to be “connected” to the FCE group/patrol for additional items needed to complete. Any advise? Is this possible? It looks like Scoutbook wants to only re-assign the Scout - move from one Patrol group to another. Help!

Hi, @CristenLebsack,

There’s no way to have a scout in two separate patrols (unless you assign them as a Troop Guide to one of the patrols), but the Feature Assistant Extension can create different groups for emails. It works under Chrome or Firefox.