Steps to recharter a youth who will age out during the last week of current charter

We have an Eagle Scout who will age out during the last week of his troop’s December charter.

What are the steps to recharter him as an adult? I know he will have to take YPT and complete adult app/CBC. Does the unit then remove him as a youth and add him as a new adult SA or Unit Scouter Reserve (being careful to use exactly the same name with which he was registered as a youth)? Or is there another way?


That is a council question.

To ensure the unit can record all advancement, a Scout that turns 18 should not be registered as an adult until one is true:

  1. The Scout’s Eagle has been approved

  2. The Scout has not completed all of the Eagle requirements other than EBOR

  3. allows the unit to record any Eagle palms the Scout may have earned since they cannot be recorded until after the Eagle rank is approved.

Since a Scout does not have to be registered if all Eagle requirements except the Eagle Board of Review have been completed, a Scout waiting on Eagle Board of Review does not need to be rechartered.

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