Lapsed Adult Leader Registration Issue

We have a new member of our Pack who is looking to register and become a Den Leader. They were previously registered, but had lapsed. Their child is set up properly in Scoutbook. When the parent went to register, they were able to make it partway through the process and then got the following error:


From searches here, it appears to be related to them being a lapsed Scouter and potentially having multiple primary BSA ID numbers. I have their current number - 14546641, National Capital Area Council. What’s the right way to get this fixed so they can complete their registration?

Thanks in advance!


@PatrickPittman Please ask this parent to try again.

Once she is able to register as a Den Leader, you will want to ask your local council to add her Lion Adult Partner registration under the same BSA member number 14546641.

Thanks, @JenniferOlinger; she tried again and is still getting the same error when she clicks the “Go to Checkout Summary” button.

@PatrickPittman Please contact your local council for assistance. They might need to submit a help ticket to National.