Issues with account

hello, I am getting issues with a message that says another user is using my email. Also, i am a tiger den leader and I don’t have access to giving credit to cubs or issues with being tied into my troop. would anyone assist?

@KevinMin I found 3 BSA member ID numbers for you, but no registrations. You will need to register as an adult leader in order to get Den Leader access in Scoutbook.

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Which member ID do I use to register and where do I go to register/how?

You need to either fill out an adult application (paper) or us IF your area allows adults to register that way. Talk to the pack leaders, they should know

@KevinMin I would recommend that you use BSA member number:


It has your parent / child user relationships, and it has your Youth Protection Training.

If you use a BSA paper application, then I would recommend putting this number on the application form (bottom right) where it says: “Enter membership number from unexpired registration”.


Thank you. Where can I find this paper application?

@KevinMin - your scouting unit should have them on-hand. I have at least 30 youth and 30 adult apps in our scout room

You can also find the BSA’s Adult Application form at the following url. (I believe it is a fillable pdf, but you would want to download it first.)