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Last Years Den Showing

Hi, I am logged into scoutbook and the main scoutbook has me as the wolf leader which is correct. The new den leader experience still has me as the Tiger leader so i can’t see my den. How do i get this updated.

Member ID: 12877738
Pack 326
Den 4 Wolf (Current position but showing den 5)


In Scoutbook it looks like you have 2 Den Leader positions (both Wolf)

try this: 1. I’m logged in. How do I find my dens?

  • To locate your dens, click on the den selector across the top of the app. This will provide a drop-down list of dens you are associated with.

Hi Thanks for the response.

I know what it says in scoutbook and that is correct. That isn’t what it says in the new den leaders area. That still says Tiger.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this.


@MatthewCieri - just to make sure. Can you go to Your Account > Your Positions and list what shows there as current positions ? That is the place I would start with.

Yes on scout book it shows me as the wolf leader which is correct but not in the new Den leader interface.


Did you already use the den leader experience for the Tiger year? Or is the the first you are trying to use it?

Yes i did last year but i was trying to get back into this year.

And to make sure I understand, you started the Wolf year 9 or 10 months ago?

Yes but I just used regular scoutbook.I am not sure why when I started is relevant to my question. The new den leader app isn’t showing what it’s supposed to.

The original scoutbook and the new scoutbook are showing different dens.


The why is because you haven’t setup the den for this year yet. I agree it’s not intuitive that you need to “setup” your den every year.

So, you aren’t trying to use the den leader experience? You just opened it and wondered why.

@MatthewCieri - now I am confused. In one post you state the you used the den leader experience 10 hours ago and now 25 minutes ago say you only used scoutbook. I will point out the den leader experience is not “new scoutbook” nor is there a requirement that you use it. It is a beta build out for den leaders. I think you may be better off staying with scoutbook.

I used the den leader experience last year as a Tiger Leader and wasn’t a fan so I didn’t start using it this year as the wolf leader. I decided to give it another chance this year for a few different reasons. Either way i should have been able to see my new dens (Wolf) in the New Den Leader Experience and i wasn’t able to. The point is actually moot because i just logged in and now my new Den Leader Experience shows that i can set up a wolf den when i couldn’t when i checked the other day. Someone fixed something last night.


@MatthewCieri that’s one of the drawbacks of the Den Leader Experience (DLE). You have to “set it up” every year (it doesn’t carry over from one year to the next). Also, the other hard part, it’s really meant to be used from the very beginning of each program year (ie in the Fall). You can technically start mid-program year, but it requires a lot more manual configuration to move meetings that have already occurred. This feedback has been given to the developers as to ways to improve the program.

Thanks for the response and i agree it is a little more complicated now. This issue wasn’t i didn’t set up the den. The issue is my dens weren’t there. I could only reset up my Tiger den from last year. It wasn’t until this morning that my wolf dens were able to be set up.

Ahh. Might have caught the system mid-upgrade the other day. There was a Scoutbook update in the evening and the two are linked (Scoutbook and DLE).

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