Leader account need to be merged?

I’ve been added as a New Member Coordinator in our Troop. However my access has not changed. I still have all the same views and options in Scoutbook as I did when I just had parent access. When I look at the leaders list in the roster it shows my old street address. Is it possible that the wrong account was linked when I was added as a leader? Or does the Troop need to change my access settings? My current account that I login with is SB User ID: 9647805, BSA Member ID: 134650217.

@NicoleWright1 - I would gather you submitted an adult application with background check ?

Yes I did. Also submitted YPT certificate with leader application.

@NicoleWright1 - and used your existing BSA ID on the adult app ?

From a Scoutbook perspective being NMC would not change much of anything - your unit would need to handle connections as they see fit

Yes. The thing that makes me think the connection is wrong is the old address that shows up. My current profile has my correct address updated.

@NicoleWright1 is the 1036 or the 1553 address correct?

1036 is correct. 1553 is the old one.

@NicoleWright1 ok I have asked why it did not update - I synced it so should be correct now in SB

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