Merging two adult accounts

I apparently have two accounts. I’ve completed YPT on one, and my pack only sees my other account (which I haven’t completed YPT), which also shows me associated with the wrong Council.

My primary account is BSA ID: 13845668
My old BSA ID is: 13526727

@CraineRunton this should all be fixed now

I have a problem with 2 leaders that transferred to our troop from California. Unfortunately, their scoutbook accounts with their OLD BSA IDs were linked to our troop, but they have been given new BSA IDs. When I searched for their BSA IDs, 2 new scoutbook entries popped up. I added the new entries to the troop, but their info cannot be updated because their emal addresses are used with their California BSA IDs.

Here are the problems:
Phil Sutton:
“Good account with wrong BSA ID”: BSA ID 131667553 (California) User ID: 7070600
“Bad account with correct BSA ID (all info blank)”: BSA ID: 137198178 (new) User ID: 12116603

Vanessa Sutton:
“Good account with wrong BSA ID”: BSA ID 131806890 (California) User ID: 9130966
“Bad account with correct BSA ID (all info blank)”: BSA ID: 137105072 (new) User ID: 12116611

Phil Sutton’s account is fixed. He should log in using his ID and password. His positions in Scoutbook should update overnight.

I’ll work on Vanessa’s accounts next.

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Vanessa’s account is fixed. She should log in with her ID. Her positions in Scoutbook should update overnight.

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I have the same problem with our scoutmaster, Nicholas Hall (Nick Hall). He has an old account that is linked to our Scoutbook profile but he’s using a new account that has his current YPT, etc. His old ID is 123717920 (that’s the one linked in our SB and on my roster). His new ID is 13347744 (the account he logs in with etc.). Can you help? Thanks!

@JamieMalloy that is a hard fix as neither account has ever been logged into - the second MID was already deleted - you need to find out the user name or method he is using to log in

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Hi Donovan,
He uses the username rotarianscout to login for YPT, etc. Our council advised him to add the old member ID (123717920) to his profile, but it didn’t let him - gave him an error “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”. Someone from our council said she would delete the newer member ID which jives with you saying it has already been deleted. I think part of the reason he has never logged in to scoutbook is the email on that profile is an ancient email. I can give you the email he uses now if that would help. Thanks!

@JamieMalloy These Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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Dear Scoutbook User Advisory Council,

I also have two adult leaders that need to be merged. They are:

BSA 12927288 and BSA 13726038

BSA 133850394 and BSA 13306231

Can you help? Thank you!

Nicole Rovner

Good day Scoutbook Team,

My name is John Koch and I have 2 BSA ID numbers. I am a Tiger’s Den leader but don’t have proper ScoutBook access because the new account has access and my old account doesn’t. The only one I can log into is the old one.

Old BSA ID: 12593068
Old User ID: 11978635

New BSA ID: 137159427
New User ID: 1826118

Can you please merge these accounts so that I have proper access? Thank you much!


@NicoleNicas_Rovner you need to talk to council on the above 2 - both have registered positions in the same unit - they need to merge the MIDs to one

The other is fixed

@JohnKoch2 I merged your account but you are not a registered adult leader - your pack needs to help you get registered

Amazing–thank you so much!

I have a parent who transferred from another council and can’t see her son’s info or our calendar. When I forward her RSVP emails, she can follow that link to get to the event, but she isn’t getting emails from Scoutbook. She must have two accounts, but I can only find info on one of them (her old council).

@JoyEricson please do not include so much personal data on other users - BSA number is often enough - SUAC will reach out if more is needed

@JoyEricson this is fixed - along with the Scouts account being fixed

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