Leader accounts

I need some assistance. I have a leader that has 2 accounts. One has an email address associated to it and the other does not. His leader profile is connected to the one without the email address. As a result under send messages he is not listed under leaders (he used to be until recently) and when somebody replies to a message he sends through scoutbook he never gets the reply. s a scout parent, he is connected to both accounts, the one with the email and the one without.

Is it possible to get him to down to one account, the one with the email and have it associated with both his leader connection and parent connection? Want him listed under leaders in the send message section as well.
Thank you


Post the BSA Member ID and/or Scoutbook UserID (no names) and we will investigate.

Thank you for your reply

Member number without email address connected as leader and parent: 135982204 (I assume YPT and any other training is associated with this as well)

Member number with e-mail address connected as parent: 13048032

@MarkSchneider1 I have merged the Scoutbook accounts. I would recommend that the leader double-check his e-mail address to make sure that it is correct.

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