Parent has two accounts, need merged

I have a parent/leader who cannot get the email to accept the pending invitation to accept the leadership position. There appears to be a duplicate account 1 as the leader with the and 1 as the parent. When I try to update the email, it says the account already exists with that email. However, he has two different BSA numbers listed, though the one (parent) doesn’t come up when I search on its own to add him.

BSA accounts: 133673970 (User ID 11693218) [Leader]
13231086 (User ID 1912760) [Parent]

@MorganSchlicker fixed - they need to use credentials to log in

I have a similar problem. have a parent who is connected with one email, but who evidently also has another BSA ID under a different email address. Can these be merged?

The first has both a user ID and a BSA ID # 9124567 under one email address
The other has only a BSA ID #1285753 with a different email address. He has connected to his son in Scoutbook under the first. I am not certain which is his original my.scouting #. How do we get them merged and under which number should we do so?

And I have another parent who had 2 accounts. The BSA ID#'s are:
13773923 and has the bogus changeyouremail address with which she is connected as a leader
12424488 which she is connected as parent and leader

@VivianNichol I sent you a private message.

So now this parent can log in with his credentials, but he has no connections under that account. When he tries to log in using the invitation received to accept the leadership position, which now has the updated email address, he’s getting an error message for invalid password when he uses the temporary password provided in the email.

He needs to use his ID ScoutDad15, not his e-mail address.

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