Parent connected to one Scout, no email found for the other "parent"

It looks like the parent may have two Scoutbook accounts but does not have access to one of them.

The correct Scoutbook account should have the BSA member ID of129443855, from the most recent YPT certificate and is connected to one of the children already.
The youth with the correct connection has a BSA Member # of 129443854.
The youth with the incorrect connections has a BSA Member # of 133263536.

What needs to be done to either merge the adult accounts without losing the connection to one youth? Or get the other youth connected to the correct parent account?


I did find and merge a second account, but the first account was already connected to two scouts with initials GM and NM. Is that correct?

Yay! The parent has confirmed he can see both kids. Thanks so much for getting this taken care of!


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