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Leader cannot take attendance for event

What permissions does a leader need in order to take attendance at events?
They have Outdoor Activities Chair and Assistant Scoutmaster. They are able to create the event, but take attendance for the event.

Can the leader still edit the event? If an calendar event is marked for 2 units, only those with calendar edit permission in both units can edit the event.

Once attendance is enabled (1 hour before the event starts in Central Standard Time) the Attendance link should appear below the list of those invited.

The event is for 2 units. The leader in question is setup as Unit Outdoors Activity Chair for both units, but is only Troop Admin for one unit. He is able to mark attendance for the unit that he has admin rights, but not the unit where he does not, except for his own child (in the second unit).

Is it a rule that attendance requires Unit Admin rights?

Is the leader connected to all Scouts in the other unit?

Yes he is connected. I am the Unit Admin of both units and have checked the connections.

Can you take attendance in both units? (just trying to better define the scope of the problem)

Yes. I have Admin Rights for both units and can take attendance for all scouts.