Leader Profile needs to move from Pack to a Troop

Good Afternoon,

Our Cub Scout Pack has a leader listed in Scoutbook who needs to be moved to a local troop. His son crossed over to a troop in February and was successfully moved in Scoutbook from the pack to the troop, however the parent/leader profile was not moved. Can you help with this?

Here is the info for the leader who needs to be moved from Pack 632 to Troop 665:
Leader SB User ID: 2456989
BSA Member ID: 12847998

He is currently showing up in: Cub Scout Pack 632 of Timucua District, Greater Tampa Bay Council
Needs to be moved to: Troop 665 of Timucua District, Greater Tampa Bay Council

Please let me know if I need to do anything on my end or if you need any other information.
Thank you.

If the adult registers with the troop they will show up in the troop. On the pack side just put an end date to the persons leadership position. No harm done.

They can log into my.scouting.org > menu > my applications > transfer.

ETA this is if your council allows online applications

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AND if the receiving unit accepts Adult applications online

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Otherwise the adult will remain on your official roster at my.scouting.org until your next recharter has posted because they remain a paid leader until that time.

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