Scoutbook Problems..... Please Help

My name is Michele Renda I was a Cub Scout leader for Washington Council Troop 759. My son was also a scout in 759. this past year my son transferred to Monmouth Council Troop 60. In Scoutbook he is listed as Troop 60, my husband is listed as Troop 60 however I am listed as being in both Troop 60 and Troop 759. I have checked everywhere on Scoutbook and there is no way to remove me from Troop 759. Nobody in Troop 60 seems to know ho to remove me either. Troop 759 swears they removed me. How do I go about removing myself from 759 since I no longer have any ties to that Troop

@MicheleRenda I am checking

@MicheleRenda You are officially registered with Troop 759. I do not see any other registrations for you.

I can try ending your position with Troop 759, but it’s possible that it might come back with the automatic membership update.

@MicheleRenda I have ended your position with Troop 759. Hopefully, it will stick.

If you are logged in to Scoutbook, you will need to log out, then log back in again.

Thank you, Can you transfer me to 60?

@MicheleRenda - are you a leader in 60 or just a parent ?

Parent but they asked me to lead popcorn, so I think I need to be added as a leader for that

In order to fill a leader role in Scoutbook, you have to be registered as an adult leader with your council. Otherwise, the system doesn’t permit the association.

Oh so I need to re register because its a different council?

Correct. In fact, even if it’s the same council, you would at least need to submit an adult transfer application when you change units.

If you know your old BSA ID, you should include it on your adult leader application. That both keeps your records together (ideally), and may allow you to transfer if your adult leader registration is current in the other council. I’m not as familiar with inter-council transfers, though, so I could be mistaken about the registration transferring.

ETA: You will, however, be assigned a new BSA ID when you change councils, since councils have non-overlapping sets of BSA IDs.

oh, thank you for the help

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I am showing up on Troop 759 again both in my Dashboard and on my Quick-Nav pulldown window. It was fixed last night but now its back

Michele Renda

I am showing up on Troop 759 again both in my Dashboard and on my Quick-Nav pulldown window. It was fixed last night but now its back

Michele Renda

It’s likely what @JenniferOlinger mentioned that, if your registration in the troop doesn’t “expire” until the end of the year, the troop may keep popping back up in your positions.

You might be able to “fix” it by talking to the registrar in the prior council, but you might hold off until your transfer paperwork clears with the new council. It may happen “automatically” as part of that.

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I have tried to contact the other Troop/Council to remove me but they do not return my emails. somehow one of you got rid on 759 for me last night but today its back. My son is off of 759 yet I cannot seem to get rid of it on my account.


All you need to do is put an end date on all of your positions in the troop you are no longer associated with. Then log out and back in.

Note that the quick navigation may still show the old troop because that is based on on your past history, not your current status in those units.

ok I got rid of the 759 on my Dashboard, however 759 still shows up on my Quick-Nav

My husbands (George Renda) Quick-Nav has 3 options “My Dashboard” “Troop 60” “Troop 60 Roster” mine is a mess

@MicheleRenda - would you please stop with quick nav as it is not reliable

@Stephen_Hornak I’m trying to figure out the problem with it sorry if its bothering you