Scout in wrong troop

I’m an adult in 2 troops. I can see a scout in Troop 1 listed in my other troop 2. How do I move him to troop 1? Do I remove his membership? and ask other troop to add him in there?


Before you do anything, it’d be good to understand how the scout ended up in the wrong troop. Were they in that troop previously?

My assumption is the Council adds these to the scoutbooks, as I have no idea how or if I can do that (as membership chair). Note, both troops get scouts from the same packs. But I know his 3 brothers have been with the first troop for more then 10 years. I’ve only joined the second troop for 3 years now. My assumption is the Council placed this scout in error.

Have someone with access to the troop’s Member Manager at check the troop roster and see where the Scout is listed. In order to access the Member Manager for the unit, an adult leader needs to be registered as one of the unit’s Key 3:

  • Scoutmaster
  • Committee Chair
  • Chartered Org. Rep.

One of the Key 3 can designate you as a Key 3 Delegate (or other registered adult in the unit) by using the Organization Security Manager at Key 3 Delegates also have access to the Member Manager.

I’m listed as ‘Troop Admin’ on my 2nd troop that has the scout listed. I will be the new CC. But I will not be in the other troop starting next year, and I don’t have much access to the first troop. I can notify the current CC to remove the scout from my 2nd troop.
I saw option where I can remove the scout. But I’m afraid it will delete him from the Council DB. I don’t want his scout account deleted, it needs to be moved. I don’t know the steps to do it. Can i remove him from my 2nd troop and tell the CC in the first troop to add him into the roster? I don’t think I ever see option to search for and add scout to the scout to the troop.

I have access to his ‘Edit Membership’ and seems I can add the scout to the other troop. Should I add his membership to the 1st troop and then I will be able to remove him from the 2nd troop? Seems I can do that, but not sure if that is the right way to do. Or if the CC can goto ‘Member Manger’ to do it correctly.

Go to the Scout’s Membership page, and add a new membership with the other troop. Then you can remove the membership with the wrong troop.

However, you need someone to check the official troop rosters using the Member Manager at my.scouting,org to find out where he’s officially registered. If he’s registered with the wrong troop, then the council registrar needs to fix it.

ok, I’ve moved him to the 1st troop. Will send email for CC to check Member manager.


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