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Leaders Seeing Duplicates

Any idea why leaders are seeing duplicates of their own kids on the main dashboard and roster? Other leaders do not see duplicates of my kids nor do I see theirs. My account is also shown twice. All accounts are the same BSA number FYI.

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See this topic, recharters are apparently creating all kinds of duplicates… Extra entries of parents, and wrong parents assigned

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The developers are investigating the cause of the duplicates.

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Only my son who just transferred to the Troop is duplicate. My girls who are still in the pack are fine. But the council just processed my son’s youth application for the troop. and I am showing twice also.
at least both of his accounts are updating as I sign him off on stuff, so that is a plus!


Are there different BSA Member IDs on your son’s two accounts? I suspect that instead of moving your son’s existing membership to the Troop, the council created a new one. If this is the case, you will need to work with your council to get his membership corrected then send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to get his Scoutbook accounts merged. They will need his name, unit, council, both BSA member IDs and the BSA member ID that will continue to be used.

same BSA ID numbers.
Seeing the posts from above in this thread, seems there is an issue they are working on.
I just wanted to validate Seth that he is not the only one since no one else posted.
Thanks for the input though.

Sounds like One ScoutID and 2 ConnectionID’s to me

Hi, I am also seeing duplicates of my son’s who have been in the troop for at least 2 years. I am the Scoutmaster so the leader argument applies to me, however, my husband who is the Chair for the same Troop does not see duplicate entries for our Sons. I also see duplicates of some adults, but I believe these are due to the my.scouting and registration conflict where different Scout IDs are assigned to them. Just wondering if there is anything I need to do.

Nothing you need to do presently. The developers are working on a fix. No ETA has been given.


thank you. we look forward to the fix.

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I have been seeing duplicates of my kids too. In the last couple days, one of my three kids started showing up 3 times. (the other two still only show twice)
I don’t see other kids duplicated when I log in, but I do see that other parents are duplicated on the connections. I have heard that their parents are seeing them duplicated.
It did happen at the time of rechartering. The other pack I am a part of that has not rechartered has 0 issues with this.

I’m glad it’s getting worked on.

Ack! So, I was fine up until this weekend, when I acquired a duplicate connection to my son.

I was able to confirm that my wife (who is not a leader with our unit and did not appear on our son’s new member application) does not see a duplicate connection.

The “me” connection (ConnectionID=21162, UnitID=2545) shows up as:

The new “me, too” connection (ConnectionID=49023017, UnitID=2545) shows up as:

It appears that the “new” connection was created and is only a parent Full Control connection, as opposed to the previously existing connection, which was a Unit Admin/leader, merit badge counselor, and Parent connection.

Both ScoutUserID’s are the same, and are the same as the ScoutFamUserID, no matter how I access my son’s account (via troop roster, My Dashboard, My Connections).

I’m waiting on verification that our recharter was submitted, and when exactly, in case that helps with diagnostics. I’ll post the SSD from my bug report once I get it.

ETA: SSD-89611

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And my duplicate son has disappeared! I first noticed the extra was gone as of 15:37 Pacific time, if that helps identify what might have affected the change. It appears that the “original” connection (ConnectionID=21162) was retained, and the “new” one was eliminated.

I still see it for some of our scouts, but it now appears to only occur for non-leader parents whose address information may not have matched the original application anymore.

Would it be helpful to pull together a list of the ScoutUserID/ConnectionIDs for the duplicates to submit to scoutbook.support, since it appears that these are potentially “new” parent accounts that will need to be removed/merged?

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Duplicate connections were cleaned up on Nov 25, 2019.

I do suggest reporting any remaining duplicates to scoutbook.support@scouting.org and posting the SSD- number here. You can include multiple parents in a single e-mail but please limit each e-mail to a single unit. Include the Scout’s name, Parent’s name(s), unit and council. The ConnectionID would also be helpful. You can get the ConnectionID by clicking on the connection and copying it from the URL.

Thanks, @edavignon. I do still have some apparent duplicates, although at first blush they appear to be “extra” parents (with different account info) rather than strict duplicate connections between the same scout/parent pair. I’ll pull the list together once I’m at a desktop rather than a mobile device.

ETA: (4) remaining duplicates sent to support under the same SSD number listed in my post above, SSD-89611.

ETA2: Support merged the extra accounts (they were not strictly duplicate connections to the same account), and I’m now seeing only one instance of each parent. Support did have to go in and actually merge the extra accounts, however. I was able to verify that the extras were generated when the old registration form data was used to create “new” parents. I also noticed that the “new” parents all had BSA IDs assigned to them, which differed from BSA IDs that I know were associated previously.

The parents with “new” BSA IDs will need to log in to my.scouting.org, click on Menu in the upper left, click on Legacy Tools then Manage Member ID to link the two BSA IDs together.

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