Legacy "Pending" Leaders & Den Chiefs

We have several leaders (and a den chief) who show as pending in Scoutbook, who have either left our pack (Pack 58 / Redwood / Pacific Skyline Council) or will be leaving the Pack when we re-charter in a few weeks. The pending den chief hasn’t had a child in our Pack for over three years (and isn’t even in our adult volunteer roster), and our AOL den leader passed away last summer and will never be accepting his pending Scoutbook invite. Is there any way for me to remove these leaders while they are still pending or are they stuck in our Pack’s Scoutbook forever? I ask because it doesn’t appear that pending unregistered leaders ever drop out. Please let me know. Thanks.

@DavidWillis1 the leaders just put an end date on memberships as an admin - not sure if you can for DC - if not just post the BSA # of the DC and it can be dealt with

Thanks. The pending Den Chief’s number is 129931965. He is no longer in roster, so I cannot edit/end his membership. Please let me know if you can edit.

Is this an adult or youth? Den chief is a youth position for a scouts bsa youth to help out in a pack.

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Den chief is cleared

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My bad. Den chief was not in our “scout roster”. He’s been removed. Thanks.

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