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Removing "Pending" from a leader

We have several adults who are “pending” in our Scoutbook roster. Some of these will never log in, one example is Unit College Scouter Reserves who are not really active with the troop. Is there a way for an admin to go in remove “pending” from this account or is the ONLY way to get that pending off there to have the person log in at least just that one, first time?

And why would leaders that were previously fine, all of a sudden go back to pending after an Akela sync? We have one of those too.


Pending means the leader has never logged in to Scoutbook. The only way to clear pending is for the leader to log in.

If someone now has pending that did not previously it could be because there are 2 IDs for that person and the one marked pending was brought in by Member Update and the other was removed.

I suggest having that person log in and see if they still have the same access they did previously. If not, there are 2 accounts that need to be merged. Conatact with the name, BSA#, council and unit along with the user’s Scoutbook e-mail address used to log in and their ID. Ask them to search for duplicates and merge any they find.