Remove Den Chief Pending Approval

Hi there! We have a Scout listed under “Den Chief Pending Approval” who is no longer on our pack roster. I cannot approve him or remove him from the “pending” category–I am guessing because he is not affiliated with our pack? I’ve tried approving and unapproving him, but that doesn’t seem to change anything. How can I remove him from this category in Scoutbook?

I am a new Unit Advancement Chair and new to Scoutbook overall so please let me know what information I can provide. As far as I can tell, I don’t have access to his BSA # to list here.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

@AmandaSteiner first would be can you tell Scouts unit to talk to them - as they think the Scout is Serving???

Den Chief means an older Scout working with the pack

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Does this mean that his current unit listed him as a (pending) Den Chief? There is no way for us to remove him?

We’re trying to figure out how to track him down, but just trying to understand the permissions and process. Thanks!

I will briefly make myself admin in your unit if you want to see what I can understand - if you want?

@AmandaSteiner It means that the Scout has a leadership position, and the leadership position indicates that it is supporting your pack.

If he is not supporting your pack, then the troop should close the Scout’s leadership position.

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Okay, thanks. So just to confirm, nothing anyone in our pack can do other than finding out which troop he is currently in and requesting that they remove this leadership position on their end?

@AmandaSteiner If you want, Donovan can briefly make himself an Admin in your pack. That should allow him to get enough information to identify the Scout and the Scout’s troop number.

Sure! We are Pack 299. There is only one pending Den Chief. My understanding is that he helped out in the past but in the last year. Thanks!

@AmandaSteiner OK the Scout is from a Troop 11. I will be opening a story for Packs to Disapprove or End Den Chiefs. I do not want to just kill the position blindly. Can you see if anyone in pack Knows the Troop?

@AmandaSteiner seems Doug Wahl (in your pack) added this scout?

@AmandaSteiner also good job keeping a very even pack through COVID - keep up the great work

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I’ll reach out and ask!

Yes—he’s the one who asked me to remove him and when I realized I didn’t seem to be able to, I reached out here. I’ll see if I can touch base with him and other leaders who have been around longer than me!

If I’m understanding correctly, we need to reach out to Troop 11 and ask them to remove the position from their end. Is that right?

They need to put an end date on the Scout’s leadership position.

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Success! Thank you both for your help.

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