Can't add parent with existing SB account as connection

Hi there,
I tried using the Connection Manager to add a parent to a child’s record and even though the parent has an existing SB account, it couldn’t find him. Can you please add him? His SB ID is 13054608 and BSA ID is 140164079. His child’s BSA ID is 140159758. Thanks! Tanya


Parent search is currently broken. There are 2 workarounds.

  1. ask your Council to add the parent on the Scout’s relationship tab in registrar tools. 24 hours later the parent and Scout will be connected in Scoutbook. This is the preferred workaround because it updates the BSA’s person database.
  2. Have the parent log in to Scoutbook with their account. Go to My Account → My Connections and click the Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian.

Thanks. I had Council add him to his child’s profile.

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