Linked Troop - can only add activity logs for one of them

In our linked troop, I’m advancement chair for the boys, and key 3 delegate for the girls. I can’t enter activity logs (hikes, camping nights, service hours) for the girls. When I have the girls’ troop selected, trying to enter an activity log takes me to Scoutbook Plus for the boys’ troop, where my “currently viewing” menu does not give me the option to choose the girls’ troop. What am I missing?

Someone else reported a similar problem in another thread ( If you force a refresh (Ctrl-R or similar), does that get you the option to set the Girls’ troop as “current”?

ETA: As far as I know, there wasn’t a clear “permanent” resolution posted.

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Make sure the selection in the upper right has the correct position. This should give you access to the girls troop.

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That was my post, and the solution is to do the Shift + refresh to make the girls troop appear as an option. I’ve had another leader with both of our troops confirm he’s having the same problem I am. We both have to do the refresh every time. It’s not a great solution.

@SuzanneHenry @AlisonShearer Could you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing? Please make sure you don’t include any names.

The top screenshot is before the hard refresh, the lower one is after.

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