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I have tried to transfer scouts into our pack and get an immediate error msg when I hit enter. council registrar thinks she has to do all out of council transfers. Can unit leader not do this anymore…i am using my pc, tried multiple browsers, multiple times after shutting down and restarting. My id 3554580 and I am CR/CC.

@GuyMontjoy What process (steps) are you following when you try to do this?

I input scouts name, DOB and member #. As soon as I enter i get an error message. Since I am looking at the scouts membership info, iknow I have the correct mbr# and name spelling and DOB is from parents. I can confirm scouts are registered thru 31 Dec 2023. I assume it is a system problem or units no longer have this capability. Council registrar can take months to acomplish this.

Are you using the “In-Council Transfer” button in Scoutbook? It is designed for transfers between units in the same council.


Parents can use BeAScout to transfer to different councils


In my.scouting we have a transfer in tab. I used that to try to move the scouts registration. Parents move their scouts scoutbook acct by adding CM or CC as a contact and we can then move their SB account. That does not get them on the unit roster. That is what I was trying to get done.

Council registrar just emailed me that one scout I was trying to move was not registered. I am looking at his profile page and know his is registered. I was able to move some scouts last year at roundup, then had them drop 2 months later from our roster. I have a den leader also now showing not registered in SB yet she is registered thru 31 Dec 2023. I need to get her reconnected to her den. Any help or advice appreciated. If I give council new applications then the kids get double registered and I have to contact you to merge their accounts. Thats even having provided their current member #.

@GuyMontjoy We would need BSA member numbers in order to take a look.

13910909 7/16/2016 Pack 82 Austin, Tx (we transferred his brother into the troop 2 months ago so he could attend camp)

14229783 Pack 4183 Lawton/Ft Sill, Ok

14339775 same pack

148260026 and 14339776 father, current YP

137383231 12/23/2015 Pack 0177 Ft Mitchell, Al

any assistance greatly appreciated

Dan Montjoy

@GuyMontjoy - please remove the names

148260026 and 14229783 are bad numbers - All the others I think the issue is it does not support across Council Transfers and never has

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