Parent unable to link to Scout

We have a parent within our troop who is unable to accept the invitation link we have sent, anytime she does it just spins and never allows her to link to her scouts. Last night we attempted to add them via the scout book app and it gave us an error. How do we have this parent linked to her scouts properly so she is able to manage them.

Her BSA id is: 13338735
And her sons are: 133600105 and 133600504

Thank you in advance for any help/recommendations needed to resolve this issue.

She is connected to Scouts? she just needs to log in with her username and password - which she did yesterday

When she logs in it does not show her either scout.

I’d suggest getting screenshots to see what she sees. Make sure she is expanding administration to see her family.

She showed me on the app last night and it shows she has zero scouts linked to her account. I will ask for screen shots of what she sees on her computer .

She is using the Scouting app (red one)?

Yes she is using the red app. We even tried to add them just using their numbers, names and birthdays in the app and it gave us a sorry something went wrong message.

@MarySontag-Earnshaw - what does the parent see when they log into

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