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Scoutbook RSVP Emails

Hello everyone,

Has anyone else had parents complain about the way reminder emails are sent/titled? Right now activity emails go out and always say “Reminder: RSVP” before the name of the event. Parents find the request to RSVP quite annoying, especially as they cannot just click and it RSVPs directly, they have to login. And as an earlier thread has mentioned, if they have already RSVPd, it’s even more of an annoyance.

Is there any way for scoutbook to change this automatic addition of text or give scoutbook Troop admins the ability to choose the text based on regional language formalities? For us, “BSA Upcoming Event” instead of “Reminder: RSVP” would work whereas in other regions something else might be better (e.g. “Next up”). Or even T-7 days or T-3 days if the reminders are sent 7 or 3 days before the event.


You don’t have to select the RSVP toggle for everything. I only select for events that really require a good count. That’d take RSVP out of the subject.

I do agree that it’d shouldn’t say RSVP anymore for those who have already rsvp’d.

I’m not exactly sure what you are suggesting with the T-3 portion.

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