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Lion rank missing in Scoutbook

I have two scouts who earned Lion rank but that option does not show up in Scoutbook advancement for them. Their earned belt loops are displayed in their profiles but the screen to check off what has been completed is no where to be found. How do I get them awarded?

are they in a Lion Den? It is under their advancement there

If you do not see Lion under the Scout’s advancement link, have a unit admin go to Edit Pack and make sure the LDS slider is set to off (left and gray). If it is on (right and red) it needs to be turned off.

One of the scouts was in the Lion den that moved up to Tiger, the other is in our all girls multi age den.

then you go to the Scout > click Advancement > Click Lion > at top Lion rank Percent Complete > Click that box to fill in the date

Just checked, LDS is set to off.

Lion isn’t listed. Bobcat, tiger, etc are there but Lion is not.

I can set up a screen share to take a look if you want

Hi, @MeredithBlaine,

Do you meant that there’s literally only one den on Scoutbook and all of the youth (regardless of “rank”) are in that den, or is it separate “dens” on Scoutbook, but they all meet together in realspace?

I didn’t think Scoutbook handled multi-rank (i.e. mixed grade) dens.

The pack set up the girls in one den because we only had 1 scout in each rank. It was done before I joined the leadership.

go to the scouts page > click Edit Profile > make sure LDS is not checked there

That sounds good to me :slight_smile:

@DonovanMcNeil, am I confused? Does Scoutbook now handle mixed-level dens? It’s been a while since I was a DL, so I’m not as familiar with the capabilities now as I once was.

ok I sent you a direct message - you can see it in the top right by your Avatar

it does not efficiently do it no - but if a webelos den you have access to all levels of rank you can work around it

Cool. Not an issue our affiliated pack has dealt with just yet, but still good to know.

The problem was there was no Lion Den > So that turned of the Lion option for any Scout who had not earned it. This is reported to Developers

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