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Listing Permanently Closed Scout Shops As Open and With Stock

After searching in Scoutshop for an item is reported the item was in stock at the North Valley Scout Shop and showed the address and hours. When I searched on Google for the phone number of North Valley Scout Shop I was directed to this Scoutbook URL: https://www.scoutbook.com/mobile/directory/bsa-councils/590/great-salt-lake-council/shops/north-valley-scout-shop/ as the top response which also show the address, phone number and hours however there was also a business block that popped up which said that the shop was permanently closed and when I tried to dial the phone number I get a recording stating it has been disconnected. Please update Scoutbook to reflect that this store is permanently closed. I am assuming the data is linked between Scoutbook and Scoutshop but not sure who owns it to make the appropriate change that would then be reflected on both sites.


Your council’s Scoutbook Council Admins are responsible for updating the Scout Shop list in Scoutbook. Contact your Council to have this listing corrected.

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