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Anyone else getting this message with the spinning wheel? I have tried Chrome and Edge browsers and 2 different computers…same issue. Tried calling Help Line in Texas but apparantly the phone call center is no longer supported. Tried emailing myscouting.org and they replied with auto-reply deferring me to local council. Ugh.

Try using an incognito window in Chrome or Edge. That has often worked when I get the loading spinner.

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Thank you. I tried that and the loading time is reduced. Appreciate the help.

I can log in and use most tools, but can not get Training Manager to load at all. Anyone found a fix for this?

Gary - If you are using Chrome, then use an Incognito Window. The same is true for any other browser you are using, you want to use a “private browsing” window.

There was a technical issue yesterday (9/7) afternoon causing problems. IDG was notified and my testing showed it was resolved. See if it works now.