Loading Scripts Error

I have a scouter who is unable to log into my.scouting.org. I am thinking this is possibly related to a multiple account issue that has been plaguing this person for years without effective resolution.

Member Id 9051026, BSA ID135449665
Council - EAC (212)

I can log into my.scouting.org fine with my login, I log out, try her credentials, it hangs at “loading scripts”. I close the browser clear, the cache, try logging into me, it works fine. Try hers again, same issue. This process works the same across multiple PCs and mobile devices. I can log in, she cant. I always hangs, so it has to be something related to her individual account.

The credentials log into scoutbook fine, but there was in the past an issue with multiple accounts and BSA Id’s in scoutbook.

We have reached out to the local council and they have been unable to fix the problem.

I see something strange but I need to get help from someone with more tools to look into it.


Please try logging in again. I was able to make a change to her ID so now it looks correct.

Whatever you did, it lets the login proceed normally. Thank you very much!