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My scout book hanging on log in

I initially tried to log in to my scout book with my Google account. When I do this it would hang with the spinning circle. I changed my preferences to log in by visiting my scouting .org to bsa credentials and re visited my scout book. With my bsa credentials it also accepts my user name and password and still hangs on the login with the spinning circle

Any help would be appreciated

I have also been having this problem most of the day. I can log in and get to my dashboard, but nowhere else. I’ve used different browsers to the same effect.


One thing I see that is strange is your BSA Member ID is appearing twice when I search for you. The entries appear the same but one has the city listed as Martinez, the other as Moraga. We have heard this is typically caused by having 2 primary addresses listed in your person record. I suggest speaking with your council registrar to have this fixed and then try again.


I suggest trying an incognito window. The system shows you last logged on earlier tonight so this is probably a cache issue. Using an incognito window will start with an empty cache.


The system also shows you last logged in earlier tonight. I suggest trying an incognito window.

@michaelleavitt You might be able to fix it yourself. Try logging in at my.scouting and see if you have more than one primary address listed there. Go to:

Menu → My Profile

Then scroll down to the “Address” section.

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