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Not a scoutlbook feature.

How about a pinned post on the bugs page listing the appropriate point of contact within councils for tech issues. Obviously would be dependent upon councils to give you info but it would be a work in progress.


There is the directory page for each council. Maybe if there was even a place for the council to put some free text to say what their support model is.

Getting councils to take action does not sound effective. I SUPPOSE a page all Council SB Admins could change could be made? Or a way for Council Admins to enter Contacts? I would not high hopes for it. Heck I called a council for half this week, to have them look at something (not my council) and NO PHONE NUMBER rang to a person; no return phone calls.

You could start off with the ones that are known and put a note on the other ones “your council has not provided etc”

@RonFedele you are the perfect person to ask though - what personal contact are you going to provide for you? That is the other element - when it is staff it is straight forward; when volunteers not so much. My council gives my phone/email out all the time for assistance, but they are also smart enough not to publish it. Once published anyone could reach out to you for help.

I am easy I send them to https://ggacbsa.org/support/

This would be a maintenance nightmare. Councils need to provide this information on their own web sites and keep it up to date.

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Maybe a place for a deep link to support, again, updated by councils. I guess councils wouldn’t keep it updated. :frowning:

Yes, I think just referring them to their local council for a contact is best. Too many volunteers and staff change positions to try to maintain this on a national level.

Tell them to go to Round Table and ask there :wink:

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