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Hey y’all, a few years back we changed Charter Orgs and got a new COR (14165519). Unfortunately the email in SB is wrong for him and in fact an email he has never had and does not have access to. It is just totally wrong.

We don’t even know where to begin fixing this. I can’t go into his profile as the SB admin to change it. Obviously the invites don’t get to him. And he can’t login through either. Or council hasn’t been a lot of help and we just don’t know where to turn. It is affecting our ability to sign adult leaders up and is going to eventually make our Troop dysfunctional.

Any direction from this awesome group?

@ReidHollander The COR for your troop has Google sign in turned on with the same e-mail.

If the e-mail is wrong, I would recommend that he contact the local council. They might need to submit a help ticket to National.

Yes, the email that is listed is not his email. He doesn’t have a gmail account at all, only Yahoo.

The problem is our Council is non-responsive. I will reach out to them but history has shown it is a black hole, especially with Scoutbook issues. We still don’t have everyone in our roster from crossover last March.


Did the families transfer the scouts via or fill out a new application for the crossed over youth? They don’t automatically move.

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@ReidHollander - and if you only transferred them in scoutbook and not the in-council transfer tool then that would not move them

No, this is our COR. He doesn’t have any scouts.

It is a brand new COR from the new organization.


Unfortunately your Council needs to fix this or open a ticket with BSA IT to have them fix it. There is no other recourse in this instance.

@ReidHollander I would recommend having your COR contact your council directly.

The council will likely need to submit a help ticket to National, because the Google sign in will need to be turned off, and BSA credentials turned on.

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