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“Location Map URL: Please enter a valid URL.”


Can this get fixed soon?

The system should never ever REQUIRE a “Location Map URL: Please enter a valid URL.”. this was an issue and here is what was found last year and is still an issue:

  1. Google

    • Have “Feature Assistant Extension”
      • Makes Scoutbook 10 time useful and reports better
        • Must Disable it to make save work
    • link to see all about and all the extra’s Feature Assistant - What is it?
    • Another issue is why have this if it doesn’t accept MapQuest, Google Maps, Microsoft Map, etc. - What does it take? Hard to find any great software to accept a link/URL that does actually work or is accepted.
    • what is trying to be validated here?
  2. If you are using Microsoft (IE/Edge) - Apple (Opera/Safari/etc.)

    • There is no extension so no issue
  3. Firefox - I have not tested since have not used in years.

Why would a Map URL ever make something required? Especially during Remote (Covid) sessions. Can we get both programmers together to block or fix the pointer that is creating the issue?

Use 2 separate browsers, one to create the calendar events like Microsoft or Apple, and the second to do all the great stuff you want to do with Scoutbook since it came out like Google chrome with “Feature Extension Assistant” (or Firefox)

Help for a Chrome user?

@JoelSmith2 If you are using the extension and are getting that error, check the revision of the extension. The most current is V0.47.0.1. You can find the version by clicking on three vertical dots on the top right of Chrome, then More Tools, then Extensions.

There was a bug fixed some time ago that caused this error.

I get that error when I try to have 2 dens meet at the same time. It’s a lot more work on my end, but the only way I have been able to get the error to NOT come up is if I create separate meetings with one den at a time, even if say, my WEBELOS and AOL dens are meeting together.

This may have been fixed.
I just happened to add 4 events in my Troop calendar this morning and had no issue whatsoever. Google Map, find my location, copy link, and drop it right into the calendar.

And the one I didn’t bother adding as it was a past event, but the system didn’t give me any errors leaving it blank.

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