Locked out of Scoutbook

I was prompted earlier today to use google to autofill my password to login more easily to scoutbook. Now I’ve been locked out and even the password reset doesn’t seem to be working properly. Here’s the error I’m getting upon login. Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I checked and can confirm his email is associated with his account in Scoutbook. Eric is ACM and a Scoutbook admin. I’m CM/Key3.

do not use google - just log in normal

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Do you know how to shut this feature off?

Looks like it can be disabled as described here, but not without potential impacts:

Thank you. I was able to disable the password feature but I’m still having difficulty logging in. It says that my account was not found although my login info allows me to reset my password.

I’ll keep trying different things I guess.

I am now able to login through the web interface but the app for iOS still will not let me in. It says that my “account cannot be found”. Any idea what’s going on now?

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